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Athlon64 FX-55 Processor AMD
Athlon64 FX-55 Processor

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FX-55, Frequency: 2.6GHz, Socket Socket-939, Process Technology 90nm, Level 1 Cache 128KB, Level 2 Cache 1024KB. TRAY Processor


FEATURES- AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 Processor- Bulk Tray
For use in Desktop computers.
64-bit Socket-939, 2.6GHz, 90nm SOI processor with 3DNow
Professional technology, SSE2.
L1: 128KB, L2: 1024KB (exclusive), Total Effective Cache: 1152KB.
Supports Unbuffered DDR memory: PC3200, PC 2700, PC 2100, or PC1600.
The first 64-bit PC processor, in a class by itself, designed
specifically for cinematic computing. Only AMD64 technology runs
today s 32-bit and tomorrow s 64-bit software. Enhanced Virus
Protection for the upcoming Windows XP SP2.
* AMD64 technology for simultaneous high performance 32- and 64-bit
* Enhanced Virus Protection and the upcoming Windows XP SP2 are designed to
prevent the spread of certain viruses, like MSBlaster and Slammer;
significantly reducing the cost and down-time associated with similar
viruses and improving the protection of computers and personal
information against certain PC viruses.
* 128-bit integrated DDR memory controller -- up to 6.4GB/sec memory
bandwidth for breakthrough performance and extraordinary cinematic
computing experiences.
* HyperTransport technology enabling increased bandwidth and reduced I/O
bottlenecks for increased system performance and better multitasking.

-- SPECIFICATIONs -------------------------------------
Infrastructure : Socket 939
Process Technology : 0.13 Micron, SOI
Number of Transistors : 105.9 Million
64-bit Instruction Set: Yes, AMD64 technology
32-bit Instruction Set: Yes
System Bus Technology : HyperTransport technology, Full duplex, independent
Integrated DDR Memory
Controller (MCT) : 128-bit + 16-bit ECC unbuffered PC3200, PC 2700,
PC 2100, or PC1600.
Total Processor-to-
System Bandwidth : HyperTransport bandwidth- up to 8.0 GB/s @ 2.0GHz
Memory bandwidth - up to 6.4 GB/s @ 400MHz
Total - up to 14.4 GB/s
Integrated Northbridge: Yes, 128-bit data path @ CPU core frequency
On-chip Cache : L1- 128KB
L2- 1024KB (exclusive)
Total Effective Cache- 1152KB
3D and Multimedia Instructions: 3DNow! Professional technology, SSE2


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